PREZISS K_MILL Cartridge Face Milling System

A powerful face milling cutter

The newly developed PCD face milling cutter opens new horizons in the face milling process, with a very strong and light tool construction becoming a high performance tool. It is suitable and adequate for both, roughing and finishing operations. The cutter is developed with an aluminum body (except Ø63) mounting PCD cartridges with different geometries.

Aluminio-motor-bloque-acabado de superficies


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Its newly reinforced design maximizes the stability in the machining process. The system is easy to use and ergonomic. The simplicity of the system makes it easy to adjust confering high precision when setting the cartridges.The cartridge dimensions together with all auxiliary components of the system allows us to design the tool with the maximum number of cutting edges which gives to the cutter a high machining performance with high quality face finish.

Sistema de molino de cara Preziss DPM02

Face milling head DPM02

Esquema Herramienta

DPM02 Piezas de la herramienta de fresado frontal

Despieze y repuestos

Unidad de sujeción de fresado frontal DPM02

Unidad de sujeción

Improved clamping unit which assures a fix and unmovable cartridge position while working at very demanding machining conditions. The unit contributes to better tool rigidity allowing one to achieve higher surface quality finish even in roughing operations.

Ajuste del cartucho del molino de cara DPM02

Unidad de sujeción

With the integrated adjusting screw in the tool body base, it is possible to have and easy and fast adjustment of the cartridges. Only one key is necessary to individually adjust the cartridges axially.

Suministro de refrigerante interno del molino de cara DPM02

Unidad de sujeción

The internal coolant supply design through the clamping wedge, perfectly directs the coolant to the cutting edges, helping the tool evacuate easily and fast the chips from the machining area giving a better face milling cutter yield and longer tool life.


Montaje fácil: más fiabilidad: mayor rendimiento

The innovative DPM02 arbour face milling cutter is excellently suited for reliable step and face milling of aluminium components. The PCD cartridge guarantees the maximum tool life and high performance of cutting edges, achieving the demanded comprehensive production requirements in terms of reliability and productivity.

DPM02 face milling cutter advantages:


The Face Milling Sytstem By PREZISS

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